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Explore a collection of funny caricatures that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Discover talented artists who can create unique and entertaining caricatures just for you.
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The art of caricature has been known for centuries. Funny portraits that focus on subjects' features, simplifying or exaggerating them, constitute a popular form of caricature. Sometimes, this type of drawing can make someone appear foolish due to the presentation of certain aspects of the person's appearance. Today, we would like to introduce you to the art of George G. Williams, whose caricature work is on another level.

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Neanderthals are the closest extinct human relative. With their large middle part of the face, huge nose, and angular cheekbones, they seem like completely different creatures to us—cavemen. However, they were not so different from us as their brains were as large as ours and there’s even some evidence that they buried their dead, occasionally marking graves with offerings such as flowers. And that’s something that no other primate or human species has ever practiced beside us.

KJ Aanestad
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This drawing of the king is my way of saying good bye, and it was an HONOUR! I can't say how sad and hurt i am about the world losing one of the most beautiful individuals god has ever made! He brought so many people joy. EVEN THOUGH SO MANY TRIED TO BRING HIM DOWN! His whole life was spent trying to make other people happy. with his music, personal time, his home was constructed to make children happy. And we take the fact that he loved kids, flipped it, and called him a monster! but now…

Selma Aydın