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Funny Joke: A guy walks into a bar and orders a rum and coke, but the bartender hands him an apple.   "What the hell is this? I ordered a rum and coke," the guy Quotes, Humour, Jokes, Instagram Photo, Walks, Really Funny Pictures, Really Funny, Hilarious, Guys

“What the hell is this? I ordered a rum and coke,” the guy protests. “Just take a bite of the apple,” says the bartender. So, the guy bites the apple, and his eyes light up. “Hey this apple tastes just like rum! What did you soak it in it?” The bartender tells him, “Turn it around.” So...

Keyshea Bolden
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They pretend to have triple-digit IQs, glasses thicker than Velma’s from Scooby-Doo, and they love flaunting their stuff—bragging about their big brains, of course! They’re the obnoxious wannabe eggheads that make the internet insufferable with their Thesaurus vernacular and incessant desire to prove that their intellectual capacity for reasoning (i.e. ability to sound smarter) is bigger than yours or mine. Combined.

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