Full grain leather

Experience the ultimate luxury of full grain leather with our collection of products. Discover top ideas to incorporate this exquisite material into your wardrobe and home decor for a timeless and sophisticated style.
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Trento is a sophisticated full grain leather with a pure aniline wax pull-up finish. The leather’s singular appearance and rich coloration are the result of the hides being treated with natural waxes and oils without any additional pigments included. Initially, these waxes and oils darken the color of the hides, but when the leather is eventually stretched for upholstery purposes, the original lighter colorations are pulled up to the surface (hence its designation as a “pull-up” leather)…

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Full grain leather is obtained from the outermost layer of the animal’s skin, which has not been sanded or buffed. It is the topmost and most durable part of the hide. To identify full grain leather, check for imperfections, scars, and insect bites that are characteristic of real leather. You can also look for an inconsistent texture pattern as it is not corrected during processing. #LeatherFacts You Can Check It Out to https://leatherek.com/how-to-identify-full-grain-leather/

As part of the Express Collection, the six standard colors of Formula One are always in stock and ready to ship within 72 hours. Brown Leather Texture, Light Brown Leather, Brown Fabric Texture, Leather Texture Seamless, Brown Leather, Leather Texture, Leather Material, Suede Fabric, Colored Leather

Formula One represents upholstery leather at its most sophisticated and beautiful. Produced on large full grain European hides, this leather is simply pure aniline-dyed and finished with natural waxes and oils. #jamiesterndesign #interiordesign #upholstery #anilineleather

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