Explore the fascinating world of fresco painting techniques and learn how to create stunning artworks using this ancient method. Enhance your artistic skills and bring a touch of classical elegance to your creations with these inspiring ideas.
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Left: Reproduction of the Ladies in Blue fresco from Knossos. Center: Priest King fresco restored. Right: reproduction of a woman carrying an ivory pyxis from Tiryns Minoan male and female dress, from The most spectacular scenes of the daily lives of Minoans is seen in their fresco art. Many frescoes are so vivid and full of energy that you can't help but feel an affinity for them. From these scenes we are given accurate and colorful depictions of how the Minoans viewed…

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Detail from a wall from a room in Livia's villa at Prima Porta not far from Rome. This small room was decorated on all four internal walls with extremely naturalistic garden scenes showing plants, flowers, shrubs, trees and birds - so well rendered that they can be identified very easily. The room can now be seen in the museum at Palazzo Massimo in Rome. IMG_13715, 30%

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The Lilies Fresco from Akrotiri on the Aegean island of Thera, modern-day Santorini (also known as the Spring Fresco). From Room 2 of Building Delta, c. 17th century BCE. Lilies or papyrus are depicted growing from colourful volcanic rocks and swallows fly between the flowers. - Minoan Lillies fresco

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