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Discover unique and stylish form crochet ideas to add a touch of creativity to your crochet projects. Explore different techniques and patterns to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Via Freeform crochet has always been immensely attractive for me. It shows the amazing creative genius of the artist and the skills to turn those varied shapes and forms into tangible, awe-striking masterful constructions. Once in a while, I like to delve into freeform crochet, but this summer, the desire to fully engage into it is hugely pronounced. I have already made several freeform necklaces, but I decided to bead them all and the beading is going slow. So, I have nothing to show you…

Sylvia Smits
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Have you ever heard about freeform crochet? It's so much fun, because there are absolutely no rules to how you should do it. Whether you like making three-dimensional forms, or you are more into 'painting with yarn', freeform crochet is for you. What is freeform crochet? Freeform crochet is a creative approach to crochet which

Galina Manikova

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