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With just four owners over the last century, this barn find Model A is looking for a new home. Would you change anything on this vintage hot rod? #Ford, #ModelA Model A Car, Model A Ford Hotrod, 1929 Ford Model A Hot Rod, Hot Rod Autos, 40s Cars, Model A Hot Rod, Vw Rat Rod, Model A Ford, Older Cars

Subtle Hot Rod: 1930 Ford Model A

In the mid-1920s, after dominating the automobile market for nearly twenty years, Henry Ford finally conceded that his famed Model T was due to be replaced. The competition was beginning to catch up and Ford needed a complete redesign in order to stay relevant. Because he wanted the successor to be more technologically advanced, he...

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vintage 1929 Ford Model A Pickup for sale

With its body utilitarian design, straight panels bathed in green and nice fenders covered in black it all comes together as a pickup. Overall paint has its faults with some rust spots particularly near the glass filler and hood hinges, and single annoying bubbles throughout, but it classified as fair to good. An older restored...