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Learn the best practices for proper food handling to ensure safe and hygienic cooking. Discover expert tips and techniques to prevent foodborne illnesses and protect your health.
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Food safety and sanitation poster is an effective tool guide for reminding food handlers of the most significant food safety and sanitation practices. Beneficial for any food establishment such as a restaurant, a food truck, a coffee shop, a retail food store, a deli stand, a cafeteria, or others. Download for free.

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Boiling kills active bacteria, but a number of survivalist species of bacteria are able to form inactive seedlike spores that can survive boiling temperatures. After food is cooked & its temperature drops below 130°, these spores germinate & begin to grow, multiply, & produce toxins. Some of these toxins are heat-stable -- even boiling will not destroy them. Excellent article by Harold McGee in New York Times. #food_safety Thermomix, Cross Contamination Food Safety, Kitchen Hygiene Posters, Food Safety Infographic, Hygiene Poster, Food Safety Posters, Food Safety And Sanitation, Food Safety Training, Foodborne Illness

Bending the rules on bacteria (New York Times)

PEPPERED as we are by government warnings about the potential health hazards of eating and drinking just about everything, it was refreshing (and perplexing) to see a widely respected food writer assert recently that “people are unnecessarily afraid of bacteria” in the kitchen. In April, Michael Ruhlman, author of “Ratio”...

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