Floor cloth

Enhance the look of your floors with unique and stylish floor cloth designs. Explore top ideas to add a touch of creativity and personality to your home.
"Suzanni and Borders" floorcloth runner in the kitchen. Home Décor, Floor Mats, Table Runners, Floor Cloth, Floor Cloth Diy, Floor Rugs, Painted Floor Cloths, Rug Making, Floor Decor

WHIMSICAL GRAPHIC IMAGES IN RICH, WONDERFUL COLORS. the original floorcloth Hand painted floorcloths are made of simple materials: canvas, paints and sealants crafted into a colorful floor mat. Painted canvas can be custom designed in any size, color or design. Painted floorcloths hold up to substantial use. Many of my early paintings are still serviceable after 30 years on the floor. Now offering printed mats! Using Innovative technology we also offer a line of ready to buy printed…

Kathy Cooper Floorcloths