Fascia stretching

Enhance your flexibility and mobility with these effective fascia stretching techniques. Discover how to properly stretch your fascia to reduce muscle tension and improve overall range of motion.
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Myo=muscle Fascial=fascia Fascia is the fibrous connective tissue that is just about everywhere in the body. It surrounds every muscle muscle fiber, tendon, bone, blood vessel and nerve fiber in order to give the body its shape and structure and connectivity. Healthy fascia also lubricates and nourishes the surrounding organs and tissues. Fascia is the link, the thread of continuity that goes through the whole body. What is myofascial stretching? It’s a form of active stretching that…

Hilde Sandegren
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(Excerpt from “Fascial Fitness: Fascia oriented training for bodywork and movement thereapies” by Divo G. Muller & Robert Schleip) The fascia interprets our entire body and interlinks as myofascial chains. Understanding this interconnected tension is critical to training your body effectively and promoting longevity. We will introduce the most important fascia lines below. 1. Shoulder-Elbow …

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