Fantasy map compass drawing

Unlock your imagination and bring your fantasy world to life with intricate compass drawings. Discover top ideas and techniques to design a captivating and authentic fantasy map.
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How to Draw a Simple Compass on Your Fantasy Maps - Map Effects Tutorial

There is probably nothing more iconic in cartography than the compass rose. In this tutorial you'll learn everything you need to draw a simple compass on your fantasy maps, and hopefully it will inspire and give you confidence to take it a step further.

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The Ridge Determines Mountain Height | Fantasy Map Tip - Map Effects

One way to make your fantasy map more believable is to vary the size of the mountain ranges. Not all mountains in our world are the same height, and they shouldn’t be in your story either. If you are using the Ridgeline Mountain Method, then how you draw the initial ridgeline will play a large role

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How to Draw a Compass On Your Fantasy Maps — Map Effects

A compass is probably the most recognizable symbol associated with map making. They are also an opportunity to convey something about the culture of the world you’re creating by incorporating patterns and textures in their design. In this tutorial, you will learn how to easily draw a compass on your

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Plateaus, Mesas, and Buttes - What's the Difference? — MapEffects | Josh Stolarz Map Effects, Map Sketch, Fantasy Map Making, Fantasy World Map, Map Maker, Fantasy Maps, Drawn Map, Karten Design, Rpg Map

Plateaus, Mesas, & Buttes - What's the Difference? — Map Effects

Plateaus, mesas, and buttes can look very similar and it can be a challenge to know the difference. Things become even more confusing when you listen to the average person describe these cliff formations, because they’ll often use the names interchangeably. So how can you tell the difference so you

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