Fantasy castle sketch

Unleash your creativity with these captivating fantasy castle sketch ideas. Create your own magical world on paper and bring your imagination to life with these inspiring sketches.
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Very picturesque sites and architecture, depicted on location. This is the introduction that Artist Johan C gives on his social media site: "Belgium based Artist, drawing on location. Ink, pen and charcoal artist ". Different approaches that have one thing in common, in the hands of this artist, a beautifully vintage finish to the art. He does mentions in at least one of the posts, that Coronavirus has restricted his movements and unfettered access to different locations. Even that said, you…

Fabian Aguirre
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An artist that creates buildings and cities, that almost looks ghostly, thanks to the sketch-like line work he adopts. Korean artist Jae Cheol Park AKA (PaperBlue), builds in his mind and then on paper, these amazing fantasy cities, that draw inspiration from a more classical type of architecture. His illustrations are not fully formed, almost like a view going in and out of focus, a picture inside the artist mind where the scenery is either being constructed or deconstructed. We are seeing…

Sayantan Dutta