Fake bake

Get a beautiful, sun-kissed glow all year round with Fake Bake products. Discover the best self-tanning options for a natural and streak-free tan that will leave you feeling confident and radiant.
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Fake waffle lollipops A wonderful new addition to our fake bake family! Made to order. These really are as the cutest. Choose your colour from the drop down menu, please be aware there may be slight variations in colours as each batch is made separately. Each waffle pop has a unicorn rainbow filling, and can be customised to include a hook to hang as a Christmas decoration. Choose your length of stick from the drop down menu. we recommend choosing a smaller stick if you are planning on using…

Denise Romero
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So, I’ve been working on this basement ice cream shop for a while now. And while I’ve used candy as a decoration in the past, I’d like some sort of baked good under glass for a table center. The trouble is, cupcakes don’t last. Or do they? I’m not entirely sure where I first hearRead more

Shanda Crider
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I'm not sure why I have a fascination with fake foods but it must be because they have zero calories and they still look pretty. I'm sure you've seen fake cakes at a wedding and when you make them with lots of detaill, people won't be able to tell that they're not real.

Kay Young