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One Day When I Decided To Quit: A MUST Read Short Inspirational Story

An Inspiring Short Story: It was one seemingly ordinary day when I decided to QUIT…my job, my relationship..I just wanted to quit my life

Rajesh Nanwani
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The Sinking Ship And Life Lesson

A couple went for a cruise tour to enjoy their private honeymoon while leaving their children at home. Unfortunately, the cruise ship was sinking due to catastrophic weather condition. The couple finally made their way to the lifeboat area but there was only space for one person left. The man jumped onto the lifeboat, leaving his wife on the sinking ship…

Laura Singleton
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7 Random Acts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Take a moment to read one, or a few, of these amazing stories about total strangers stepping up and being wonderful when they didn't have to. You won't regret it. (Via this Quora thread entitled "What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?")

Ripple Kindness Project