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A Phooka is a dangerous and often violent shapeshifting trickster from Celtic myth, known for their ability to change into great, fearsome black animals to scare humans. Some Phookas take a liking to humans and just play harmless pranks, other Phookas are blood-thirsty vampire-like creatures which lure humans to their doom. Horror, Fantasy Creatures, Cryptozoology, Faeries, Wendigo, Mythical Creatures Art, Creatures, Faun, Creature Art

I really hope I can find a way to compress the vast amount of information on Paganism into this article. My hope is that for those people who don't really know what Paganism is all about, this article will at least make it a little bit clearer and dispel many popular misconceptions about Paganism in general. So what is Paganism and what is a Pagan?

Jim Naser
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Ireland’s long history is riddled with ancient mythology and folklore. Ireland’s ancient societies, the Druids and the Celtics, believed in the power of magic and many of these beliefs spread to modern day legends told again and again across the country. Stories of warriors with all the knowledge of the world, fairies playing pranks on farm owners and leprechauns hiding their gold at the end of a rainbow add to the mysterious appeal of Ireland. 10. The Banshee The Banshee was a woman who…