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Take on the Expression Challenge and explore new ways to express yourself through art. Get inspired by top ideas and unleash your creative potential today.
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25 Essential Expressions Challenge HAPpy SAD PLEASEC ANGRY CONFUSED TIRED SHOCKED/SURPRISED IRRITATED W--?! TRIUMPH FEAR BEREFT FLIRTY SERIOUS SILLY HOLLOW/BLANK INCREDuLous CONFIDENT FIERCE DESPONDENT/POUTY DRUNK RAGE SARCASTIC DISGUSTED ILL/NAuSEOUS This exercise will help you learn to draw a consistent character through different expressions and to illustrate those expressions clearly. The best way to keep a character consistent: PLAN THE UNIQUE FEATURES IMAGINE THEIR MOVEMENT MEMORISE…

Screams At Grass
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Description This is the PLUS version of the 25 Expression Meme Challenge of Napalmnacey. I have added 5 expression more. Frustrate, Ignore, Suspicious, Bored & Excited. I think that expression are important too! ^^ Also you can download the image in a full size! If you have completed this one! Post the link in a comment here!!! Will be a pleasure to see it! You can see all collections of the artist who accepted the challenge in this Collections Or you can see all of them using the Sitback…