Expo 2015

Explore the immersive and innovative world of Expo 2015. From breathtaking exhibits to unforgettable experiences, dive into the future of technology, culture, and cuisine at Expo 2015.
http://www.archdaily.com/627497/china-pavilion-milan-expo-2015-tsinghua-university-studio-link-arc/ Chinese Architecture, University Interior Design, Tsinghua University, مركز ثقافي, Bamboo Architecture, Chief Architect, Parametric Architecture, Timber Structure, Expo 2015

China Pavilion - Milan Expo 2015 / Tsinghua University + Studio Link-Arc

Built by Tsinghua University,Studio Link-Arc in Milano, Italy with date 2015. Images by Sergio Grazia. Rejecting the typical notion of a cultural pavilion as an object in a plaza, the China Pavilion is instead conceived ...