English as a second language teaching

Discover effective strategies for teaching English as a second language and help your students become confident and proficient in their language skills. Enhance your teaching methods and make learning English enjoyable and engaging.
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The 3 Most Important Tricks When Teaching English to Kindergarteners

'Walking into a kindergarten classroom in any language may have most teachers running right back out the door. A kindergarten classroom can be like a circus. The teacher is the ringmaster. The students range from man-eating lions to trapeze artists to clowns. It's important to remember that kindergarten students do not understand they are meant to be learning great truths and skills that will set them up for the rest of their life. They want to play, love, be loved, and enjoy every aspect of…

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How do I Effectively Manage My Classroom?

'Teaching English as a second language is an exciting experience! You'll get to learn a new culture, travel a new area, and possibly even learn a new language! But finding an up-to-par school, living arrangements, and learning how to live in a new environment can be difficult. It's a lot and can be a bit overwhelming. Your classroom may be the last thing on your mind at this time, but teaching a chaotic and unorganized class is a recipe for having a bad time. This is why classroom management…