Embellished shoes diy

Transform your shoes into unique masterpieces with these creative DIY embellishment ideas. Express your personal style and stand out from the crowd with these fun and easy shoe customization techniques.

Are you a fan of Dolce and Gabbana’s luxurious and glamorous fashion? If so, you’re going to love this DIY project that shows you how to add a touch of sparkle and shine to your shoes w…

Comfortable Shoes Need A Make Over? Make Colorful Doily-Embellished Shoes!!! Slippers, Boots, Shoes, Wedges, Upcycling, Wedge Shoes, Shoe Boots, Embellished Shoes, Crocs

I love doilies as decor elements. However in fashion, I’ve found that most doily garments and accessories I’ve seen lean a little too close to grandmotherly for my taste. But these ain’t your grandma’s doilies! Over at the CRAFT blog, DIY fashion guru Corinne Leigh (the former Threadbanger) used some pretty doilies left over from […]

Strawberry Shelly
strass your shoes i so want to learn how to do this i will strass everything Shoes, Couture, Bling, Armband, Outfit, Rhinestone Shoes, Bling Shoes, Glitter Boots, Boot Bling

I originally thought that I wasn't going to write this post until I had completed BOTH of my shoes. However, there have been A LOT of gals asking lately about "how to" bling their shoes. What to use, how to do it, how long it takes, etc. So, I decided that I would go ahead and give y'all my directions for how I went about making an amazingly sparkly and fabulous shoe for my wedding day. Please make sure you go ahead and read the entire blog before you get started. I always find that helpful…