Easy diy jewelry

Get inspired to create your own unique jewelry pieces with these easy and creative DIY ideas. Start crafting beautiful accessories that reflect your personal style today.
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We are often asked what the best way to finish leather cord is, or how to do it. Well, today I will show you two different methods! The first style is a simple wire wrapped fold over loop. I prefer to use half round wire for this style of end, but you could use round wire if desired. This tutorial was made with 2mm l

Sharon Kohls
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If you like wire wrapping, you might also feel frustrated sometime when try to design a new pattern. As you continue wrapping the wire, the previously perfect loop can be distorted easily. Today I want to show you a simple trick to make sure you end up with perfect circles every time! In addition, in this tutorial, i am also going to provide a few ways to embellish those free form loops and turn them into stunning jewelry pieces! 1. A Simple Trick to Make Free Form Wire Loops The keys to…