Dried and pressed flowers

Discover the art of preserving flowers with dried and pressed flower crafts. Get inspired with creative ideas to incorporate these delicate blooms into your home decor and DIY projects.
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Have you ever pressed flowers!? It’s such a beautiful way to preserve flowers from a special occasion that you want to remember for far longer than the fresh blooms will last… and today I’m going to show you how to press flowers in the microwave… in under two minutes! Since I am all about preserving …

McKenzie Stilwell
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Even though flowers can be dried, there is something so 'fresh' about them. Learn how to re-energize your creativity and open your sacral chakra by easily pressing flowers and leaves at home using books. In just 5 quick steps you can create beautiful pressed flowers that can be used for candles, fra

Karen Aubert W
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Have you ever tried to press your own flowers? Maybe, the traditional way, in an old book with something heavy on top to weight it down? Or, maybe you’ve even built your own flower press? But, have you ever pressed flowers the quick and easy way – in the microwave? This is a project I’ve been wanting to try for months. I first saw it mentioned on Instagram and decided to give it a try! If you like instant gratification and projects that don’t take a long time, this one’s for you! Why press…

Jessica Day

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