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Interview | Alexandra Levasseur's Galaxies and Hearts Aflame - beautiful.bizarre Painting & Drawing, Art Photography, Art And Illustration, Art, Collage, Art Inspo, Visual Art, Fine Art, Artist

In anticipation for the upcoming beautiful.bizarre curated exhibition 'Bitter | Sweet', opening this Saturday 18March at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, we reached out to Alexandra Levasseur one of the contributing artists. Currently living and working in Montreal, Canada, Alexandra has created work that whispers intimate and beautiful secrets. Creeping rose vines twist around glaciers and glittering stalactites. A girl dreams while an arrow on fire burns bright, piercing her heart. Pastel…

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I Create Colorful Abstract Images That Look Like Celestial Dreams Abstract Landscape, Abstract Art, Inspiration, Contemporary Art, Purple Art Abstract, Purple Art, Art Wallpaper, Abstract Images, Abstract Artwork

I started with abstract art around six months ago, and I'm completely addicted. This way of creating is totally freeing, and allows me to express my emotions in a completely unconfined way. It really lets my creativity loose. Through different digital techniques I create images that focus on colors and emotions, and they are pretty much open for others to interpret whatever way they want. They might feel joy or sorrow, see outer space or the sunrise. Each to their own.

Liz O