Donkey shelter ideas

Discover creative and practical ideas to build a cozy and comfortable shelter for your donkey. Create a safe and inviting space for your beloved donkey with these top ideas.
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Dinki Donkey House - Prime Stables

What our Clients are saying… Of course, it is easy for us to promote our garages and workshops by saying how great they are, but what you need is real proof. That’s why we provide real testimonials from real clients, so you can get an idea of what people are saying about us. If you … Continue reading Dinki Donkey House

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25 Cheap Easy Goat Shelter Ideas Using DIY Pallets

When you start raising goats for the first time on your small farm, homestead. or backyard, a goat shelter is a necessity, especially a cheap easy goat shelter. This guide covers 25 examples of cheap easy goat shelters that provide protection from rain, snow, wind and extreme temperatures.

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Eight Big Mistakes New Donkey Owners Make

So you want to own a donkey of your very own? Donkeys are amazing animals with intelligence, charm, and beauty. But are they for YOU? Donkeys are very different than horses and other livestock. It is very important to research on your own, as well as contact a donkey knowledgeable vet before buying or adopting or rescuing a donkey. Every animal is an individual with individual needs, and therefore must be assessed on a case by case basis. These are the biggest mistakes I see on a daily…

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4 Ways Donkey Behavior Differs from Horse Behavior

In order to successfully train donkeys, one must not only look at how they behave on their own and in a herd setting, but also the energy with which they express themselves. Emulating this energy, timing, and behavior so that our donkeys understand what we want, and then using it to our advantage in training these incredibly smart equines is crucial to success. Observing our donkeys is super important, because not only does it give us clues to their personalities and how best to train them…

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Getting Ready for Your New Donkey

Over the years our clients have asked many questions about how to prepare for the arrival of their new donkey or donkeys. There are a few things that you can do to make your donkey comfortable and safe in their new home.ShelterWe are located in Connecticut in the Northeast area of the US. Our winters are cold and temperatures can drop well below zero, often with snow. Summers are hot with temperatures in the high nineties. Shelter requirements might differ in southern areas. We have a barn

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