Donkey shelter diy

Discover step-by-step DIY donkey shelter ideas to create a safe and cozy home for your beloved donkey. Provide them with a comfortable space while ensuring their well-being with these top ideas.
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Eight Big Mistakes New Donkey Owners Make

So you want to own a donkey of your very own? Donkeys are amazing animals with intelligence, charm, and beauty. But are they for YOU? Donkeys are very different than horses and other livestock. It is very important to research on your own, as well as contact a donkey knowledgeable vet before buying or adopting or rescuing a donkey. Every animal is an individual with individual needs, and therefore must be assessed on a case by case basis. These are the biggest mistakes I see on a daily…

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DIY Run-In Shed For Horses

Run-in sheds allow your horse to escape the extreme weather each season presents. From rainstorms to snowy conditions, they’re the perfect place for your horse to stay dry and comfortable. You can feel more confident leaving your horse turned out through summer and winter. Most horse owners place a run-in shed in the middle or […]

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Getting Ready for Your New Donkey

Over the years our clients have asked many questions about how to prepare for the arrival of their new donkey or donkeys. There are a few things that you can do to make your donkey comfortable and safe in their new home.ShelterWe are located in Connecticut in the Northeast area of the US. Our winters are cold and temperatures can drop well below zero, often with snow. Summers are hot with temperatures in the high nineties. Shelter requirements might differ in southern areas. We have a barn

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CHEAP, SIMPLE, And QUICK Build For A PERMANENT Horse, Livestock, and Critter Shed!!! Part 1 Framing — Steemit

Howdy friends! This horse/livestock shed is my first completed BIG project for 2018 on the homestead. This is my… by texasoffgrid

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