Dog waiting

Experience the touching moments of dogs waiting, showcasing their loyalty and love. Explore heartwarming stories and images of dogs patiently waiting for their loved ones.
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Dogs can be downright dastardly when they want to. Or unintentionally hilarious when they think nobody’s looking. We know that our hearts skip a beat and the probability of us smiling increases dramatically when we look at funny photos of silly dogs. We’d love it if we could make your week even better than it already is. That’s why Bored Panda compiled this cool collection of funny Snapchats that are all about dogs.

Pammy's Perfect Drops
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If you're an animal lover, you know just how many times these creatures can lift our spirits when everything else seems to fail. They have countless superpowers, from supporting us in tough moments to keeping us company when we feel alone and making us feel needed. This time, however, we'd like to cover the lighter side of their talents and talk about them simply being their natural selves, and finding themselves in absurd situations that make us laugh.

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