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Discover the art of making your own rock jewelry with step-by-step tutorials. Create stunning and unique accessories that showcase your personal style. Start crafting today!
This will show you how to drill holes in your own cabochons, or stones.   Please remember to go slow and keep it under water. Make Jewellery, Dremel Crafts, Dremel Projects, Rock Jewelry, Make Jewelry, Natural Stone Jewelry, Jewelry Techniques, Stone Crafts, Beach Crafts

Want to learn how to drill holes in beach stones? Well, I’ve got good news for you: drilling small river stones is easy and I’m happy to tell you how it’s done! I had been making this Natural Stone Jewelry for several months with pre-drilled stones that I purchased from fellow Etsy artisans. It took […]

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Wire Wrapped Stone Pendants : For anyone who has been following my projects for more than 6 years, this title may sound familiar. Back in April 2014, I published an Instructable titled "Wire wrapped stone pendants". Six years later, I decided to revisit the project. While my jew…

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In this blog post, I discuss a few simple wire wrapping techniques for anyone who is starting out. If you are new to wire jewelry making, you may be feeling a little lost or overwhelmed so hopefully this will help a bit. Before you get started, you should be familiar with how to make jump rings and how to make an wrapped eye loop. You can bookmark this page for easy reference OR if you are the type who prefers a PRINTABLE version of these simple wire wrapping techniques, read below for more…

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I’m home from a week long vacation traveling up the Washington Coast. I was so inspired by the natural treasures that I found along my coastal journey, I wanted to come home and start to play. Some of my treasures were smooth rocks that I picked up on the beaches. Here is some of the [...]

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