Diy laundry room shelves

Transform your laundry room with these creative DIY shelves. Get organized and make the most of your space with these top ideas for laundry room shelving.
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Remember how we had planned to install PAX wardrobes in the storage room? And then we had to scrap the entire plan because they ended up being too tall and deep for the room? Sometimes when things don’t go to planned you end up with something even better. I knew that was the case when […]

Megan Estenson
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This may be one of my favorite projects that I completed for the One Room Challenge in the laundry room. It not only was a major aesthetics booster (it hides ALL the ugly outlets and electrical)...but it's also super functional and created an entirely new surface to store supplies like laundry pods, dryer balls, and even the cutest mini trash can for dryer lint. Yes, that little wicker basket is in fact our lint trash can. I was originally inspired by The Definery Co. to create this shelf…

Samantha Patterson