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About this item The most adorable and unique gift for Halloween or anyone who loves ghosts!Adopt your own pet ghost and take it with you where ever you would like. Each little ghost is handmade so they are not identical to each other. You will receive 2 ghosts. One is little fat ghost, the other is slim ghost. They are suspended with wire to the cork so it looks like they are floating in the bottle. Size of the bottle: 2" x 0.9" › See more product details

Anastasia Baker
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This is a tutorial on how to make the scary duck toy from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas! aka: Undead Duck & Bullet Hole Duck... Supplies needed: 2 - Pieces of pink insulation foam cut 7"x9"x2" (Home Depot) 1- 3" Styrofoam ball (Michaels) 1- .5" PVC pipe Cut 3" long (Home Depot) 1 - Thin wooden dowel ( at least 12" or more) 1- small tube caulk Acrylic Paints Masking Tape White Glue Knife/Exacto Blade Eyelet Screw Pencil Approx. Cost: $10+ (Depending on what suplies you already have)…

Becky Smith