Disney princess pregnant

Experience the enchantment of Disney princesses embracing motherhood. Discover heartwarming and magical moments of Disney princesses during their pregnancy journey.
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Anna Belenkiy is an artist who creates touching images that reveal the fundamental truth behind the experience of pregnancy and motherhood, but with a twist. She decided to illustrate how a (future) Mum spends her time, all through the eyes of Disney Princesses. This was her way to show that motherhood is not all magic and glow covered with fairy dust — and the result is sweet and hilarious at the same time.

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Artist Shares Her Journey Of Expecting A Baby By Drawing Disney Princesses Going Through Pregnancy (9 Pics) Interview With Artist Disney, Princesses, Disney Girls, Instagram, Pregnant Disney Princess, Disney Princess Pregnant, Pregnancy Drawing, Original Disney Princess Stories, Pregnant Princess

Anna Belenkiy (also known as annabell_illustration on Instagram) is a freelance digital artist who is experiencing pregnancy for the first time. She decided to share her journey with her followers using Disney Princesses and some hilarious everyday moments of what it's like being pregnant as part of her project “Real-life princesses.”