Dish display

Discover creative and stylish ways to display your dishes and add a touch of elegance to your dining space. Get inspired with top dish display ideas and showcase your collection in style.
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My mom recently gave me two big boxes of blue dishes she had gotten at an auction last summer. I put them in my garage and I sort of forgot about them until this week. I brought them in and unloaded everything and decided to use them and mix them with other blue pieces I already had. Some of the pieces were mixed in here. Normally I add fresh flowers for a winter "pick me up" but I've had a virus this week so I haven't been out shopping. Then other pieces ended up here. The dishes remind me…

Marcia Wilson

Happy Weekend! After a week of lovely sunny weather we are getting some rain and cooler temperatures. I had another tour from Japan this morning but once again they were great sports and didn't complain about wet feet etc. We have another tour tom. but sunshine is promised. A few weeks ago I found this shelf at the thrift shop for a few dollars. Andrew put a back on it for me and I gave it a few coats of cloud white paint. It is a good way to display some of my favorite vintage/ antique…


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