Digestive system activities

Engage your kids in fun and educational activities that explore the fascinating world of the digestive system. Discover hands-on experiments, games, and crafts to help them learn about digestion while having a blast.
Little Stars Learning: Our Body - Week 1 Body Parts - Day 3 Digestive System From mouth to potty! Gross and really cool! Nutrition, Science Experiments, Digestive System, Health Science, Digestion, Human Body Activities, Science Lessons, Human Body Lesson, Teaching Science

This was our first day using our felt body parts and working on internal organs. The children LOVED it. Teaching Elements for today: We eat food We chew food with our teeth to break it into small pieces Food travels down the esophagus to the stomach The stomach is full of acid The acid breaks down the food The food goes into the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed Then it goes into the large intestine where the water is squeezed out Then the left over food comes out as poop…

Rachel Heuker