Decoupage coffee table

Transform your coffee table into a work of art with these unique decoupage ideas. Add a personal touch to your living room and create a conversation starter with these creative designs.
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i have been meaning to DIY spruce up this coffee table that we found on the side of the road, for months now! i was using it in its ‘before’ state for so long because i couldn’t decide what to do with it. finally, in a fit of madness, i decided to decoupage it – […]

Chloe Whitson
Coffee Table Makeover...Mod Podge Style; I will probably do this on something a little smaller like a poster board size & use for articulation & language  "seek & find" games. Home Décor, Furniture Makeover, Decoupage, Painted Furniture, Diy Furniture, Coffee Table Protector, Coffee Table Makeover, Furniture Making, Countertop

Did you ever live with a piece of furniture that you really don't like for a very long time and then all of a sudden...on a want to transform it. Well, that's the story of a coffee table in our family room. When my parents moved in with us, they had 50 years worth of furniture that they had collected while traveling the world with the army. My mom was also a yard saler/thrifter and loved her deals. They had several teak dining room tables that they bought while thrifting years…

Marcie Waltz Kelly
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When I was a young girl, our family relocated to a small Southern Illinois town. The kind of folksy area where the big draw each year was the Agricultural Fair at the Fairgrounds, the newspaper was just a weekly one, everybody owned horses, and there was a town named Moonshine. Our dad thought we needed to have horses, too. So, along came Holy Smoke & Copper Nugget. That's not them in the picture but it is me on a horse with Dad holding onto me. (I sure miss that man.) My sister is on the…

Tracy Hernandez