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Designer: Hani DouajiProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Pandle Inc.Location: Manchester, United Kingdom Packaging Materials: PaperFrom the same talented designer who brought us Trident Gum, Hani Douaji designed yet another intriguing packaging that pushed the boundaries of packaging design.About Pandle: A portable, rubber handle infused with nanosilver, an antibacterial material, Pandle is perfect for holding onto…

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Packaging design is a very crucial element and around 70% of the purchasing decisions based on the basis front of shelve visibility of packaging. Customers take about 7 seconds to make a purchase decision, and in an average supermarket,

Bite Me: Packaging Insults Chewers as They Grab a Piece of Tooth-Shaped Gum Layout, Inspiration, Packaging, Behance, Web Design, Cool Packaging, Creative Packaging Design, Packaging Design Inspiration, Packaging Design

“Your breath is horrendous.” Pink and red packaging by Zoe Schneider resembles a mouth and taunts users each time they yank out a tooth-shaped piece of gum. With flavors like Black and Blueberry, Citrus Smash, and Pummelmint, the antagonistic product is aptly titled “Bite Me.” Schneider is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. You can follow her humorous designs on Instagram and Behance. More

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