Craft show table

Enhance your craft show booth with a unique and eye-catching table display. Find inspiration and learn how to showcase your products effectively with these craft show table ideas.
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No one signs up for a craft show with the intention of alienating the shoppers but you may unknowingly be sending them away if they don’t feel comfortable. It’s important to have fun, be yourself and show pride in your work; that will always draw people to you. Here are 5 mistakes to watch for...

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As soon as I start talking about craft fair setups, people want to talk about pricing, signage, and how to arrange your tables. But the part of your table doing the most good (or the most damage), is often the biggest thing on your table: Your tablecloth. The tablecloth is probably the last thing the vendor thinks about, but it is the first thing the customer sees. It is the background for your whole display.

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Tote bags are one of the trickier items to display on a craft show table. Some styles don’t stand on their own and the styles that do, tend to take up a lot of table space. So here are my tips for creating a craft show display that includes totes, the fixtures and accessories I...

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