Corn husk dolls

Discover the art of making beautiful corn husk dolls. Get inspired by these unique and creative ideas to create your own charming corn husk dolls for decoration or gifting.
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Corn Husk Dolls are a great holiday craft that you can incorporate into just about any holiday ... they can become an angel, a pilgrim or indian, they can be a patriot, a loving couple for valentines, etc .. whatever you can imagine you can create .. You can get as simple or complax as you wish with your corn husk dolls... add wings and they become angels and fairies... go dark and give them a pointy hat and a broom and they become a witch .. like I said let your imagination take you away…

April Meadows
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(Horned God Harvest Doll/Samhain Poppets/Gothic Cernunnos Corn Husk Dolls created by Courtney Jameson available at CrimsonSageApoth on Etsy.) Samhain 2022 in Northern Hemisphere will begin in the evening of Monday, October 31 and ends in the evening of Tuesday, November 1 Other Names: celtic ~ Summer’s End, pronounced “sow” (rhymes with now) “en”…

Nicole Holt
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At work I got the rare chance to try my hand at the Native American craft of corn husk doll making. The English were first introduced to dolls made out of corn during an 1585 expedition in Virginia. It seems that the English preferred rag dolls but that corn husk dolls were numerous among many Native civilizations. Soak the husks for 5-10 minutes to make them pliable. Make a stack out of four husks and tie a string around the husks around an inch from the top. Divide the husks into two…

Andrea Squires Noltner