Copper wire art

Add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your home decor with these creative copper wire art ideas. Explore the possibilities of this versatile material and create stunning pieces that will impress your guests.
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An easy DIY project that's fabulous & functional! Use our template & photo tutorial to make stylish copper wire leaf decor that doubles as a jewelry stand

Sandy Odegard
Extraordinary Line And Wire Sculptures (4) Design, Statue, Floral, Hoa, Kunst, Peacock Art, Sanat, Filo, Artesanato

They say the artist’s eye sees what others cannot see and this is really proven by the many examples of art that are dotted around the world. It is indeed astonishing to see bits of material like clay, metal, stone, and wood show themselves in a different avatar to the artist’s eyes than when we (by that we mean non-artists) see them. You can see what we mean by this when you look at the extraordinary line and wire sculptures that so charmingly dot this article. Where most people see bits of…

Aaron Brunelle