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Discover a variety of coping skills bingo ideas to help build resilience and manage stress. Play this interactive game to enhance your coping skills and improve your emotional well-being.
This activity teaches children how to cope, stay focus, reduce impulse control behaviors while simultaneously socially participating in a group. Counselling Activities, Coping Skills Bingo, Coping Skills Activities, Recreation Therapy, Social Skills Groups, Therapy Games, School Social Work, Therapeutic Activities, Counseling Activities

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One of the lessons I find myself teaching constantly is about coping skills. Whether I was working with kids who had difficulty managing stress or kids who got into trouble frequently for fighting with others or arguing with teachers, the common thread was that these kids didn’t have the tools to deal with frustrating or ...

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Coping Skills Digital Game SEL Lesson - Middle School Counseling

Ok, so we need to talk about coping skills, specifically teaching coping skills SEL lessons at the middle school level. For a number of reasons, in the last

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