Coordinate geometry project

Explore creative and engaging coordinate geometry project ideas to enhance your understanding of this mathematical concept. Get inspired and start your own project today!
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My Math Resources - Coordinate Plane Foldable

Your 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade math class will benefit from this coordinate plane foldable. It fits nicely in your interactive math notebook and is a great change of pace from traditional review …

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Coordinate Pairs Four Quadrant Flippable- Ready to introduce your students to all four quadrants of a graph? Interactive Flippable with practice components to identify axis, origin and a point in each of the 4 quadrants. Math Foldables, Ordered Pairs, Coordinate Graphing, Math Interactive, Fifth Grade Math, Math Interactive Notebook, Math Journals, Math Strategies, 7th Grade Math

Coordinate Pairs Flippables (Yes, Flippables!) • Smith Curriculum and Consulting

Yesterday a co-worker was needing something to do with her 5th graders for Coordinate Graphing so I sent my Groundhog Graphing Unit over to her which she (and her kids) fell in love with! Since I wanted them to also have the ability to have a resource for notes, she worked with them to create ... Read more

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