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As u know that yu yu hakusho is my favorite anime of all time so you … #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Cyberpunk Mode, Clamp Manga, Cat Manga, Cyberpunk Outfit, Mode Cyberpunk, Art Cyberpunk, Badass Outfit, Cyberpunk Clothes, Moda Cyberpunk

Betrayed Male Reader high school dxd x Yusuke Male reader

As u know that yu yu hakusho is my favorite anime of all time so you will be that Goat Yusuke Urameshi and yes u will have all his moves and a hidden son that you keep hidden and his 4 girl harem. This is like the same as The last king of curses by H_JokerPT and The last son of sparda by AnimeloverDxd19 Y/n had 24 hours was a knight for Rias Gremory for a long time. He was called into the Orc club with rias and her peerage, sirzechs , serafall and sona peerage. After he been told to give up…

Mario Campos
(Various YANDERE!BNHA X Reader) How did it turn out that you are stu… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Object Study, Super Hero Outfits, Idee Cosplay, Clothing Design Sketches, Drawing Anime Clothes, Hero Costumes, Mode Kpop, Anime Dress, Fete Anime


various yandere bnha x reader ✰ How did it turn out that you are stuck in a yandere harem with the class of 1-A? It started from the moment you got separated from your twin sister Toga Himiko. You forgot her and everything... Now you live a life in the care of Pro heroes to accomplish your dream: To save everyone in the most selfless way possible. But how was this possible at such a frightening quirk? And how could you keep your friendship with the class you adored to later find out they…