Cookies and cream cake decoration

Take your cookies and cream cake to the next level with these creative decoration ideas. Discover how to make your cake visually appealing and delicious with these top suggestions.
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Cookies and Cream Cake

This Cookies and Cream Cake is delicious! Layers of Cookies and Cream Cake with pieces of Oreo cookies baked into the batter, filled with a Cookies and Cream Mousse, and frosted with Cookies and Cream Frosting. The cake is topped with a Ganache drip, and more Oreo cookies.

Jackie Dougenik
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The BEST Oreo Cookies & Cream Cake - House of Nash Eats

This Cookies & Cream Cake is a show-stopper with moist, fluffy white cake layers studded with large chunks of whole Oreo cookies, then frosted with the best Oreo buttercream frosting! It's the perfect celebration cake for anyone who loves milk's favorite cookie!

Angely Gutierrez
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The Most Epic Oreo Dessert Ever – Cookies and Cream Layer Cake

Three moist and fluffy layers of vanilla cake are loaded with Oreo cookie pieces and topped with smooth vanilla buttercream in this decadent Cookies and Cream Layer Cake! With more cookies decorating the top and sides of the cake, Oreo lovers will be overjoyed.

Dreá Noguera