Cob house kitchen

Explore stunning cob house kitchen designs that combine natural beauty with functionality. Get inspired to create a unique and eco-friendly kitchen space for your home.
Cob is a mixture of clay, sand and straw that can be worked like clay and sculpted into free-form structures including houses, commercial buildings, garden walls, benches, ovens and more. Interior, Outdoor, Exterior, Garten, Earthship, Earthship Home, Garten Ideen, Interior Modern, Garden Wall

Want to build your own completely customized, artistic, totally non-toxic house with a material that’s literally dirt cheap? Roll up your sleeves and dive into this primer on cob, an earthen mixture that is used to build fireproof, earthquake-resistant, natural structures from homes to pizza ovens. Here you’ll learn about the history of cob, see […]

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Buying a bush block, building a cob house, and starting a natural soap business takes huge amounts of energy, enthusiasm and commitment, but this family are thriving on the challenge of being as clean and green as possible in everything they do. Words and Photos: Fiona Cameron Kerryn Easterbrook and Phill Thomas love a challenge, and they certainly created quite a few for themselves when they moved to a bush and pine-covered block in Golden Bay 12 years ago. Their goal was to build their own…

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