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Discover effective and time-saving methods to clean dishes effortlessly. Keep your kitchen sparkling clean with these helpful tips and tricks for washing dishes.
10 Reasons Why Car Wax is Your New Best Friend at Home Household Cleaning Tips, Cleaning Recipes, Clean A Dishwasher, Car Wax, Cleaners Homemade, Clean Dishwasher, Clean Laundry, Natural Cleaning Products, House Cleaning Tips

10 Reasons Car Wax is Your New Best Friend at Home

Car wax is designed to fill in scratches, protect paint jobs, and leave a slick shine on metal finishes. Why limit its use to automobiles? Turns out that the substance is good for all types of things at home. Pick up a jar and start using it throughout the house. Here are ten ways you might not know about… You can buy car wax in either paste or liquid form. Applying the wax requires just elbow grease and a clean, dry cloth.

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Is my kitchen sponge a bacteria hotspot – curlysinn Dish Cleaning, Kitchen Sponge, Cleaning Dishes, Sponge Cleaning, Not Allowed, Health Matters, My Kitchen, Cleaning Products, Baby Care

Is my kitchen sponge a bacteria hotspot - Curlysinn

Can this little piece of thing make such a mess? Of course, sadly however the size you are not allowed to ignore. We all are busy with deep cleaning and decluttering process. But we hardly take care of this little guy. LOL!! In Japan, we have Daiso which offers many kitchenware and cleaning products at

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How to Wash Dishes (with Very Little Water!)

How to Wash Dishes (with Very Little Water!): Growing up in a house with a dishwasher taught me nothing about how to wash dishes. By the time I was out on my own as a poor student, dishwashers were not apart of my vocabulary. So you're asking yourself: What could be hard - you have a dirty dis…

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