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Discover a world of whimsical claymation characters that will spark your creativity. Explore top ideas to create your own claymation masterpieces and bring your characters to life.

$9.99 dir. Tatia Rosenthal This odd, stop-motion, urban fairy tale—written by Israeli author Etgar Keret, directed by animator Tatia Rosenthal—follows the tangentially interconnected lives of one apartment building's sad, curious residents. A little boy receives a coin for each glass of milk he finishes ("But remember: If you throw up, no money") but winds up more attached to his piggy bank than the toy he originally coveted. A lonely old man has no one to...

Mila Bayanova
If you're making a clay stop-motion animation, chances are you'll need more than one version of your clay figure. Here's an inexpensive way to make "clones" of your original sculpture. Diy, Animation, Clay Moulding, Clay Figures, Clay Animation, How To Make Clay, Clay Dolls, Clay, Clay Projects

Making an Army of Gromit's (Claymation Mold Making): Fancy making a clay stop motion animation Aardman style? Chances are that you will need more than one clay figure, in fact you'll probably need a small army.Here's an inexpensive way to make 'clones' of your original sculpture.Materials Needed:Armat…