Christian marriage advice

Gain valuable insights and guidance from experts on Christian marriage advice. Strengthen your bond and build a loving relationship that lasts with these proven tips and strategies.
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Tips to start over with your husband. Fresh marriage advice and encouragement for Christian women.

The best marriage advice for wives and help for a fresh start in a complicated and struggling marriage. If you have intimacy struggles and need marriage encouragement and tips on how to start over and have a better marriage, or how to fix my marriage from a Christian woman giving solid biblical marr

Kay Cook
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How to know when God wants you to marry

Wondering what happens when God prepares you for a relationship? In this post, I share some important dating advice for single Christian women about how to identify the signs God is preparing you for marriage.

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What Does The Bible Say About Intimacy & Christians Kissing Before Marriage

Is it okay to kiss before marriage or is it considered a sin? Intimacy can be a tricky thing for Christians, especially before marriage. So the question is when it comes to kissing, is it okay or not, according to the Bible.