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Learn how to grow and care for chives plants in your garden. Discover tips and ideas for using chives in your cooking and creating beautiful herb gardens.
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Companion planting chives with these herbs, vegetables, and flowers helps support a healthy garden and a healthy harvest. In addition to promoting species richness in a garden, chives attract beneficial insects that can reduce pest populations, and they give off a strong scent that can help protect nearby plants from pests. Here's a guide to chive companion planting, including the best herbs, veg, and flowers to plant with chives-- and what not to plant with them.

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Gardening Tips: Best Chives Companion Plants: Growing Tips Included! Learn what you can plant next to chives and what you should avoid planting near chives. Get ideas about which flowers grow well with chives, which fruit grows well with chives, which herbs grow well with chives, which vegetables grow well with chives, and tips about planting chives. Free chart included. Add chives to your garden plan!

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Growing chives from seeds indoors is very easy, so add this tasty herb to your seed starting list this growing season. This fabulous herb is a perennial, so once it's planted in the herb garden, it will return year after year. Learn how to grow chives from seed indoors, and fill your garden with these tasty and savory herbs.

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Chives are a member of the onion family that also include leeks and garlic. Chive plants have a perennial nature and can be a tasty addition to vegetable, herb and flower gardens. This herb can also be planted in perennial flower beds like an ornamental because of its tidy clumps of green leaves and purple flowers in late spring to early summer. An added bonus is that the flowers attract beneficial insects to the garden. #herbs

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