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Add a touch of culinary art to your kitchen with captivating chef paintings. Explore top ideas to create a delightful and inspiring atmosphere for your cooking space.
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'Bon Appetit' 8x6 pastel ©Karen Margulis available $125 I happen to be a terrible cook. But I have a fascination with all things food. My favorite shows are anything cooking/chef related and I have tremendous admiration for those who master the fine art of cooking. So when our group of five decided to have a meal prepared by a private chef at our home in France I was filled with anticipation! And we were not disappointed. The evening actually began months before we left for France. A chef…

Susan Meadows
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She was born in 1980 in Joliette, Quebec. Although nobody in her family had artistic interest, they encouraged her to draw, do watercolors and other painting mediums. She graduated in graphic design in 2000 and worked in that field for a very short period. In 2006 she started acrylic painting and then moved to oil […]

Roberto Fernández Paredes
Cooking Without Recipes: Understanding Flavor Decoupage, Chef

When something tastes fantastic, it literally sings in our mouths. And when something doesn’t taste quite right, we know that too–even if we can’t always put our finger on what’s off or how we can fix it.Ever wonder how chefs and restaurant reviewers seem to know exactly what a dish needs to be perfect? And if this is something you can learn, too? Read on!

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