Charicaturism drawing

Explore top ideas and tips for creating captivating charicaturism drawings. Learn how to bring out the unique features of your subjects and add an intriguing touch to your artwork.
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NCS Kids Activity Book!

The National Cartoonists Society, of which I am a longtime member and a past president, just released a fun kid’s activity book as part of their “Cartooning for Kids” program. Originally this was going to be a printed book that the NCS would have available for schools, kids organization and for our children’s hospital visits, but the coronavirus scuttled all that. Instead, the NCS has made it available as a PDF that anyone can download and print out (although they will eventually have a…

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30 Times Artists Shared Their Work Online Proving They Worked Hard On Improving Their Skills

It's impressive how consistent practice over some period of time can improve our skills. This applies to various kinds of things, but today, we'd like to focus on artistic growth. The Reddit community ‘Art Progress Pics’ allows artists to show their work and prove how hard work pays back. The members share the photos of their works and compare how they looked when they were starting, and how they got better after they invested some time and persistently practiced to master their skills.

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