Cellar design

Transform your basement into a unique and functional space with these creative cellar design ideas. Discover how to maximize storage, create a cozy atmosphere, and make the most of your home's square footage.
Humidor room in traditional wine cellar Commercial, Wines, Collage, Design, Vila, Personal Style, Keller, Custom, Pins

Adding a cigar humidor to your wine cellar is a great way to elevate the design and functionality of the space. Allow us to bring your ideas to life and create a custom wine cellar that truly reflects your personal style and vision. #humidor #humidorrrom #cigarhumidor #customhumidor #customwinecellar #winecellar #genuwinecellars #buildinhumidor

David Coupland
Building a Root Cellar: A Practical Guide for Storing Your Harvest – Wolfeandwick Ale, House Design, Dekorasyon, Keller, Cuisine, Tips, Inredning, Casa Verde, Larder

A root cellar is a traditional and eco-friendly solution for storing fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items without relying on refrigeration. By creating a cool, dark, and humid environment, a root cellar can help extend the shelf life of your harvest, reduce food waste, and save on energy costs. In this articl

Caroline F. Wallace