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Discover the world of cardboard art and get inspired to create unique and eco-friendly home decor. Explore top ideas to turn ordinary cardboard into stunning art pieces.
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Materials As much as possible I try to use recyclable materials for construction art lessons. I source these from Recreate or ask the children to bring things in from home. Recyclable materials Bottles Caps Cardboard boxes (cereal/shoeboxes etc.) Wrapping paper Scrap paper Containers (yoghurt pots/egg cartons) Other materials Tin foil Scissors Foam sheets Stickers Crepe paper Pipe


Awhile ago I made a tiny doll version camera and after I finished it I thought " Well, What other material I could use to make Camera?" Cardboard definitely a great option! So here's my Cardboard Camera! PS. the printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!Video Tutorial Free Printable pattern HB37 #Cardboard Camera Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share a little of my passion I Hope You Have a Lovely day!And don't forget to Do more of what makes you happy!HAPPY BANKKY / CRAFTY

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How to Make a Layered Cardboard Sculpture of Almost Anything: In this instructable I will show you step by step how to make a layered cardboard sculpture of almost any .stl file you can find. This process can be done either by hand, or with the aid of a laser cutter/CNC machine (I do not have one of these). T…

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Josh Gluckstein is an artist, illustrator, and textile designer with more than 15 years of expertise in the field. During the lockdown, he started experimenting with different recycled materials to create life-size sculptures of wild animals to raise awareness of endangered species through his craft and contribute to their preservation the best way he can.


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