Canning yellow squash

Learn how to preserve the freshness of your yellow squash by canning it. Explore simple and delicious recipes to enjoy this versatile vegetable all year round.
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Fresh summer squash in season is delicious and makes a wonderful side dish but cannot always be had at the grocery store or farmers market. Canning is the perfect way to preserve that delicious summer flavor all year round and it is really simple to stock your pantry with canned squash. Make this canned squash recipe to enjoy summer squash all year long!

Jan Adams
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This recipe calls for you to PREP squash in order to can it and it preserves it in a way that you can pull it out months later, rinse it off and batter and fry it as if it was fresh! Fried squash is my personal favorite way to eat delicious home grown yellow crookneck squash so I had to try this method of preserving it via canning! If you prefer to learn by watching you can check out my video on this entire process HERE! You can use this recipe and can/prep as many squash as you want so you…

Meagan Marshall
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When my kids don’t like a vegetable, I don’t give up. I make it several different ways, and sometimes even wait a couple years before re-introduction. I’m my kids’ nutritionist, and I’m putting the effort in now to set them up for a lifetime of enjoying a variety of healthy foods. It’s true everyone won’t […]

Chris Gray