Candlewicking embroidery

Discover the art of candlewicking embroidery and explore stunning ideas to create intricate designs. Get inspired to add a touch of elegance to your projects with this timeless embroidery technique.
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Coronation Cord - Cheater Embroidery?

Cheating at hand embroidery - how to give the impression of hand embroidery, without really hand embroidering, and yet still call it hand embroidery. In a sense, this is what the once-popular "coronation cord" does. There are certain types of stitchery that could be considered, in a way, "cheate

Chris Falcon
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Free Projects and Patterns for Candlewicking & Whitework |

Look below for many free Candlewicking projects and patterns. If you are looking for tutorials and history on Candlewicking & Whitework, follow the link.

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White Work Embroidery Patterns

The white work embroidery is self-explanatory. The name alone hints at what this stitching is all about. It is the fine delicate embroidery done on white cloth with white thread, as seen on table l…

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